The Story Behind Made For Hounds.
May 04, 2021

The Story Behind Made For Hounds.

The story of Made for Hounds, came completely from a need to keep my dog Lenny, warm in winter. I don’t know what it is about that dog, but he is always cold. It could be 40 degrees outside, and he would probably still feel a chill in the air. 

After searching for years for suitable warm clothing for him and having no luck, there was no other option than setting the task to my mother. Luckily she is a dressmaker from way back, because I couldn’t sew a button on a shirt if my life depended on it. 

Straight away, she started drawing up a pattern and playing around with it. A few hours later, Lenny was rolling around in the cutest doggie pyjamas that ever existed. It didn't take long for the word to spread around with friends, and soon enough Tracey spent most of her days sewing various sized doggie pjs for all the dogs in the neighbourhood. It was now apparent that this was something we needed to share with the rest of you out there.

So as a mother-daughter duo we welcomed Made for Hounds, and we will never look back. 

Tracey is still behind the sewing machine, creating all the high quality garments that your dog is now stylishly rocking, and designing all the new products that are yet to come to Made for Hounds. Whilst I (Greta) am happily running the business side of things, which involves communicating with all the beautiful customers we have already crossed paths with.

We’ve got big plans for Made for Hounds, which involves expanding our collection to suit other speciality breeds, in addition to the Dachshund, Whippet and Italian Greyhound styles we have already released. We are beyond excited to share these products with all of you, and we hope that more doggies will finally be able to wear our products.

Our vision for Made for Hounds, was to create high quality, comfortable apparel and accessories for hounds, and that will always remain our focus. 

Thank you for supporting our little dream, and sharing your love of your hounds with us.