Bath Buddy Lick Mat

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It is not uncommon for your pet to dread bath time and often you will see them run, hide and tremble with fear!  If that's the case, help is at hand with this specially designed lick mat which seeks to reduce anxiety by distracting your pet and encouraging them to lick which is a soothing behaviour. 

All you need to do it top the mat with some of their favourite treats such as peanut butter, fruit puree or a very low fat plain yogurt (i.e. Chobani).


  • The underside of the Bath Buddy Lick Mat is covered with suction pads so you can attach it to your shower tiles or bath and keep your pet distracted while you wash them  
  • It's made from food grade silicone which feels soft on your pet's tongue, is resistant to their biting and is dishwasher safe
  • The lick mat can also be used as a slow food plate to effectively extend your pet's eating time.

Material: silicone
Color: aqua, blue, lilac, peach
Size: 18.5cm x 15.5cm x 1cm