Citronella Gard Spray

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Lemongrass, Cedarwood & Rose Geranium.
An ulta-gentle, plant-based deodoriser to keep the nasties away and keep your dog smelling fresh between baths. Packed with natural ingredients, organic plant extracts & essential oils.
Finding a natural deodoriser to remove dirt, pollens, debris, and nasties effectively can be challenging. Adult dogs and puppies have sensitive skin, so it is essential to use a gentle formulation that effectively repels and cleans the skin and coat. By blending six cellular plant extracts, cleansers, and remedial oils, you can be confident your dog will be safe and happy during the warmer weather. This toxin-free, quality product uses natural ingredients. It will soften the coat without disrupting the natural oils on the epidermal layer, which functions as a barrier to protect the skin from bacterial and yeast infections, lesions, dehydration, pollutants, and allergens. Plant-based, free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, artificial fillers, colours, fragrances, and aroma chemicals. Up to 25 applications per 125ml bottle mean a little goes a long way: a refreshing citrus scent with a hint of herbal and rose geranium tones. Suitable for all breeds, ages and skin types.
    sulphate-paraben-free.pngSulphate & Paraben Free
    plant-derived-natural-ingredients.pngPlant Derived Organic Ingredients
    no-synthetic-fragrances.pngNo Synthetic Fragrances
    no-soap-or-silicones.pngNo Soap or Silicones
    no-dpg-phthalates.pngNo DPG or Pthalates
    no-artificial-colours.pngNo Artificial Colours
    no-mineral-or-castor-oil.pngNo Mineral, Castor Oil or Animal Products
    sulphate-paraben-free.pngNot Tested on Animals (Vegan Friendly)